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Pest Control

Are you experiencing a pest problem in or around your home?

Get started with pest control.

Homeowners are likely to experience unwanted pests at some time during the year. Situated near the equator, Singapore has a typically tropical climate, with abundant rainfall, high and uniform temperatures, and high humidity all year round. These conditions bring its own pest control challenge and invite pests inside your home.

Our team of pest control professionals at HEYMONSTER is here to help you and protect your home from the pests you see and the ones you don’t, no matter what the conditions are.

Select a pest control plan.

Quarterly Pest Control

  • Initial comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
  • Ongoing exterior treatments scheduled quarterly.
  • Guaranteed protection for as long as you keep your plan. If pests come back between treatments, so will we – at no additional cost to you1.
  • Most suitable for landed properties in Singapore.

One-Time Pest Control

  • One single pest control service includes a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
  • Fast relief from bothersome pests.
  • Perfect service to solve your pest problem.
  • If this is the first time you have had a pest problem, then a one-time treatment may be the right solution.

How quarterly pest control works?

Initial Pest Inspection

One of our friendly technicians will provide a pest control inspection and treat the inside and outside of your home as needed.

Year-round pest control

We’ll come out to inspect and service your home with regularly scheduled treatments to reinforce your exterior barrier. This will continue as long as you keep your plan.

Guaranteed protection

If pests come back between treatments, so will we – at no additional cost to you.

With a quarterly pest control plan, our professionals will come out and re-evaluate your home’s pest control needs about every three months. HEYMONSTER also offers one-time pest control, but this service does not work to continually keep pests away.

Depending on your purchased pest control plans, you’ll get coverage for pests such as house ants and cockroaches, commensal rodents, flies, mosquitoes, most spiders, paper nest wasps, silverfish, earwigs, house crickets, centipedes and millipedes.2

Questions? You’re covered.

Pest control costs can vary by location, size of property, extent of infestation and more. That’s because our company customizes your Pest Control Plan based on your specific needs.

Not only can pests be a nuisance, but some can potentially threaten your property and health. When pest control treatments aren’t correctly used and applied, pest issues can become worse and more of a nuisance or threat. HEYMONSTER pest control professionals know how to provide a pest inspection and apply the right pest and insect control solutions to address your specific needs.

HEYMONSTER uses something called integrated pest management techniques, which combines both chemical and non-chemical methods to provide the best possible pest control solutions for your home. Our expertly trained local exterminators will explain the services you’re receiving, and if pests ever come back, so will we. Guaranteed.1

Nothing beats the happiness when you have your piece of mind living in a pest free environment. Our pest control technicians are expertly trained to identify your specific pest problem and provide effective pest and insect control.

You can easily get the best pest control services available today by contacting us and setting up an appointment online. Remember, it’s not a matter of “if” you have a pest problem, but “when” you will encounter pests in your home in the future.